How to Edit Photos for Instagram with Movavi Photo Editor

Don’t you think it would be great if you were able to get your photos to look just right before uploading them to Instagram? Although the platform itself comes with several helpful filters, it doesn’t come close to actually using a photo editor to tweak, adjust and improve your photos.

Of course photo editors in general have a reputation for being overly complicated, which is why using Movavi Photo Editor would be the ideal place to start. It will provide you with the features of a full-fledged photo editor while being user-friendly and intuitive at the same time too.

To edit your photos for Instagram, all that you need to do is decide how you want to improve them. At first that may appear to be a difficult decision, so as a starting point it would help to know exactly what sort of features are present in Movavi Photo Editor:

* Improving the overall photo quality automatically with a single click or by manually adjusting the color settings.

* Correcting common issues with photos such as blurry and out of focus or pixelated images.

* Transforming the orientation and frame of the photo by flipping, rotating, cropping, leveling, or resizing it.

* Applying stylish filters such as lomo, sepia, black and white, oil painting or acid to alter the visual appearance of the photo.

* Removing any objects, people or other undesirable elements from the photo or using it as a blemish editor.

* Inserting text that can be customized to create unique captions, watermarks, or titles.

* Deleting the entire background and replacing it with a new image.

Depending on the photo and how extensively it needs to be edited for Instagram, you may want to use a combination of these features to get the job done. The good news is that it won’t take you long to familiarize yourself with each feature and by experimenting with them you’ll get a handle on what they’re capable of in no time.

By applying the features to your photo, you’ll be able to use Movavi Photo Editor to turn your photos into the best versions of themselves before you upload them to Instagram. From correcting issues caused by bad lighting, stray objects, or problems with the focus to using advanced filters to really stylize your photos – the range of options that will be at your fingertips is close to endless.

How to Resize Your Photo with the Movavi Photo Batch

Taking an existing photo and either blowing it up to make it larger or shrinking it to make it smaller may be a bit more than what most people are comfortable with. The very idea of ‘resizing’ a photo often feels a little bit too technical, and many tend to be of the opinion that it is better to leave it with someone with more experience editing photos. 

What you’ll find however is that resizing photos with the Movavi Photo Batch is not like that at all. Not only is it not technical, but it is also such an intuitive process that even someone with absolutely no prior experience editing photos will be able to do it. All that you need to do is figure out what size you’d like to resize your photo into.

Once you have that sorted – just configure the settings accordingly. The only thing that you really have to bear in mind is that there are two general ways to resize photos, either by ‘scale’ or ‘fixed dimensions’. If you’re resizing the photo by scale then you will be choosing a percentage to scale it by (i.e. 50% for half its current size, 200% for double its current size, and so on). On the other hand if you’re resizing a photo into a fixed dimension then you just need to know what those dimensions are.
When you first start out, resizing photos by ‘scaling’ them is probably going to be a lot easier. Partially this is because it will retain the aspect ratio of the original photo so that it appears exactly the same just smaller or larger in size. Keep this in mind if you’re setting fixed dimensions, because altering the aspect ratio may cause the objects in the photo to appear ‘thinner’ or ‘thicker’ depending on how you change it.

Go ahead and try resizing your photos with the Movavi Photo Batch as a picture resizer. Assuming you want to resize several photos, you should add them all to the software together so that you can resize them all at once rather than going through the same process multiple times. When you’re done, you can even look into some of the other features that are available – such as renaming the files, saving them as a different format, or even cropping or rotating the photos if you need to do so.

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