Care is the main ingredient that keeps true friendship alive despite separation, distance and time. Care sustain love.

"It is important to realize that when God leads us, it is not simply a question of His delivering a parcel to the destination. It is much more than guidance and protection...when God is guiding, it is always about Him training His people on righteousness."

"It is easy to have a good opinion about God and HIs purposes when everything is going well. As we grow older and life becomes harder and more complicated,our view of GOd often changes. GOD DOESN'T CHANGE... we do."

'Face your past without regrets. Handle your present with confidence. And prepare for the future without fear!'

Blessing is Coming When I woke up this morning, I saw an Angel standing in front of me looking directly into my eyes; saying what is your morning prayer? I said, I want my loved ones to be Blessed, and He said to me again; how many days do you want your friends to be Blessed? I looked at Him. Directly into His eyes, just the way He was looking into mine. I said FOREVER AND EVER, and He said your wish is my COMMAND! Then I saw Blessings coming down from Heaven in your direction. Please send this to everybody on your e-mail list. Don't let anyone miss his or hers; yours will come to you immediately after you've finished sending it. Take care.