Manic Monday

This week's questions are related to Valentines day. Its nice to know how people feel this day.

What is the most romantic movie that you've ever seen?

***I can't forget the movie which the theme song was "Looking Through The Eyes Of Love". The movie title was "Cutting Edge" and the "Ice Castle". Of course who will not remember the "Titanic"? It hurts but its true movie.

If you could be the lover of any person alive other than your current lover, who would you pick?

***I don't know maybe the other guy who wants to marry me but i did not choose him instead i choose hubby.

What scents remind you of a loved one?

***I will say perfume that smells like fresh bath. A smell like fresh from a newly bath. hahahah

This weeks questions are nice and hope you enjoy my answers. I know the third answer is silly but i just i just imagining. Have a good day.

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