Show & Tell Friday

Show and Tell

This is another entry of mine in this show & tell. Well i don't have lots of pictures to show you because i lost all my pictures in my computer when it was repaired last month. I have one that i can tell you.

This picture was take last year during my hubby's birthday. I just put a little decoration for his birthday that usually i did. The paintings that you see was the paintings of my mother-in-law. She was a painting teacher when she was alive. I like painting too and learn a very little bit. The other one my very first painting i laugh and said oh my i really need practice and a teacher.

This was i guess of all hard work and practice i earn this but not enough and i tried many times. Now i am not doing this painting things but i want to know more one day. Next week i will show you another stuff i have. May you have many show and tell to share. Take care.