Tag From Ellen

Thank you for the tag Ellen and i will answer this questions. This tag is about letting past go away. Of course past is past and we just make that as a memories from the past. Ok so much for the past we will welcome the present and the future. Here are my answers of the questions.

1. Have you forgiven him/her?
***hmm i forgot already that but anyway somebody hurts me when i was in HS i forgive him already.

2. Do you regret ever meeting him/her?
***No, it gives me lesson for the future.

3. Describe him/her in three words.
***popular in our school, artist, and likes to play ball games.

4. Are you over him/her?
***Of course thats a long time ago and he already have lots of kids.

5. Would you give him/her a second chance?
***No way we both got married happily.

6. Would you visit him/her if he/she got hospitalized?
***I cant i dont know where he is and he already have a nice family and its in 12,000 miles away.

7. What if he/she died,iiyak ka ba?
***I will not but i will sympathy the wife and kids.

8. Have you tried to cheat on him/her?
***No he was the one who cheat thats why i end the relationship.

9. Have you lied to him/her?
***No i didn't.

10. Your wish to that person.
***I wish that he has a happy family and i like to meet them all in our reunion if there is.