Tag from Francine

Thanks for the tag Francine you will not forget me in terms of tagging and i am happy to do it. Here are my 4 things....

4 Job's I've had (in order)
* Asst. Dean
* Secretary/Asst Dean
* Homemaker

4 Movies Watched Over and Over
* Matilda
* Cutting Edge
* Jackie Chan's movies
* Crocodile Dundee

Shows I Watch
* The Price Is Right
* Wheel Of Fortune
* Joepard

4 Favorite Things To Eat
* Rice
* pizza
* bread
* muffins

4 Places I Would Rather Be
* Philippines
* North Carolina
* Hawaii
* Paris

4 Things I Look Forward To This Year
* we can pay all our debt (hopefully hehehhe)
* hopefully have vacation this year
* lots of blueberry crops in our farm
* of course to have PR in all my domains