Manic Monday

Another Manic Monday and there are questions that we need to answer. Here are my answers:

You find that your best friend has stolen money to pay for medical treatment for a seriously ill relative. What would you do?
*** This not happening to my friend but if ever happened i will help her not to stole a money but we will ask help in other way. Lots of nice people are willing to help people in need.

What three things you regret not learning to do?
*** Playing piano in a correct way. I know how to play if i will use the guitar chords.
*** Accounting i just take it easy that when i took in college i did not mind if i pass or not.
*** Driving. A friend of mine in the Philippines wants to teach me how to drive but i insist not to and i regret it when i came here in US that you really need to learn how to drive.