10 Ways to be your Child's Role Model

I just want to share this how you can be a model of your child. This is came from a signs of the times that i read and receive today.

As we know most of us parents wants our kids to grow in good values and be a good person in the future. Here are the 10 ways how to do it...

1. Water what you want to grow
2. Help children go against the grain
3. Show respect
4. Be loyal to family members not present.
5. Show children that the family is your first priority
6. Promote accountability
7. Be active in your church
8. Verbally share your values with your children
9. Model effective conflict resolution
10. Support the school...

Hubby always told me that i always show good values to my son because he will copy what i did. I always do that and hopefully he will be a good kid by God's help.