CD Rates

One of my friends told me that she has a CD in two banks in their place. At first i am confuse about what CD means but she explain that to me. CD means a certificate of deposit in which you will going to invest a money and it will grow there with a specific rates. If your looking for a good CD rates try to visit because they can help you about what you are looking for. They are a personal finance site that tracks the best rates of checking accounts, saving accounts, and of course the CD from banks and credit unions all over America. You can also find the a good rates of your checking, savings, and CD just search in their easy to search engine. When searching for the rates of your accounts you can compare them by their top navigation bar. This is really interesting, if you invest a big amount and choose what kind of account your money will grow bigger. So my friends if your interested in this kind of investment try to check this out and i know you will really like it. For more information go to their site