Cup-a-Cake Cupcake Holders

Lots of special occasions cup cakes are served and also i love cup cakes. In our house my favorite to bake are muffins or cup cakes. My hubby love it too with my son that always asking one to another. I usually bake a lot of it and i like it to be in the refrigerator or in freeze it. But sometimes it will break and the icing is gone. So is the excellent place to find a holder that will keep your cup cakes intact. They have Cup-a-Cake Cupcake Holder an excellent idea to make sure that your delicious cupcakes arrive with frosting in tact. Each container has plastic "prongs" that hold the base of the cupcake in place so the cupcake's frosting stays clear of the edges. This is unique gifts to give for somebody who really love cup cakes. This is a unique one and the maker of this is brilliant he knows whats the costumer wants. They will ship it free when your reach $99 of your purchase and they ship worldwide. If you are interested of this product please feel free to order online or contact them in 1-800-476-1991.