Dont Fight Back

Two high-school students named Mike and Jason had a fight in a dormitory. Jason had punched Mike at his nose when their classmates came and stopped them from fighting. Jason said angrily, "I will never go to sleep tonight until I can get even with Mike."
Friend, sometimes we harbor such spirit of hatred and retaliation. We would rather suffer sleepless nights than let go of the pain inflicted by our fellowmen. But what danger lies when we harbor such spirit?
One day, Marin De Haan was driving his car at about 120 kilometers an hour, when up ahead he saw two sparrows in a fierce battle at the side of the road. With feathers flying, they attacked each other with great fury. As his car approached, they became locked in combat.
Together they flew blindly into path of the car. They smashed against the windshield, leaving a smear of blood and feathers. They were so preoccupied with their battle that they were blind to see a more serious danger. Their quarrel cost them their lives.
How often we act like those two sparrows! We fail to realize that in a fight no one ever wins. We fail to realize that in a quarrel we are just hurting ourselves. We harbor grudges, hatred and bitterness that make our lives unhappy.
Learn a lesson from the two sparrows. Stop hurting yourself. End the quarrel with your neighbor, with your spouse, and with anybody. Let go of your grievances. Forgive.....