Spring is really here

Spring is one of my favorite season beside fall. I really love it not too cold not really that warm. I took some pictures of the few places i love to go and also my own home. Flowers are blooming very good and the trees are having their green leaves and pretty flowers. The dog wood below was taken when i went to church. Its really pretty and i feel wanting to have always spring. Our flowers in front of our house also bloom and bear lots of flowers in it. Our blueberry farm also have lots of flowers in the bush and hopefully God will bless it and turn into a lot of fruits this year. I thank also to my friends who are praying for us and our farm. God is really great and merciful to each one of us. He help us in every step of our way. Thank God for all the things and family & friends who are supportive and helpful too.

The flower above is the church flower with the dog wood in the next picture.
That flower above is one of our flowers in front of our house and the next picture is the blueberry bush.