Weekend was busy

It seems that i forgot to post especially last Saturday and Sunday. I guess because i am busy that time. After church at Saturday we stayed a little bit in the house and 3:30pm we went to our nature walk in which our church hosted in it. We have lots of fun and even we are just few our nature walk was successful. Oh i really enjoyed that walk with friends in the church. My hubby wants me to see the Festival of Wilmington, NC. It was like a fiesta in the Philippines but we went to a garden where lots of beautiful old houses a historic one have nice garden.

Few members of the church, hubby, myself and Christopher my son went to a Nature Walk.

The garden of the participants in the garden festival. My hubby with my son and the beautiful lady who dress up traditionally. I don't know what year is that but its pretty.

Some of the historic houses in that place. I look at the houses and i cant tell if it is old or new because its pretty and very big houses. They said that the average house was that big long time ago in that place because they have a big families.