Which Bible Heroine Are You?

Well i took a test if whom i can be in the Bible who are heroine. Oh boy my personality really like Esther, Sarah and Martha. Here is the result of my test.

Active and home-oriented, your personality recalls Sarah, Esther or Martha.

Well, i am surprise that this is the result of my test.

Q1. My main focus is: 1. Getting my man 2. Having children/spending time with family
3. Fulfilling my destiny 4. Getting my way and having a good time doing it

Q2. In my free time, I like to: 1. Reflect on things in my heart or recite scriptures
2. Entertain guests 3. Do outdoor activities like gleaning wheat
4. Plot deliciously diabolic schemes

Q3. When it comes to my in-laws: 1. I love them and would follow them anywhere
2. Don't have any; being single works for me 3. They're fine, though we're not close
4. I think my husband's crowd wants me dead!

Q4. I would describe my temper as: 1. Serene and gentle 2. A mixed bag--I can be a sweetheart or snappish, depending on circumstances
3. Feisty, though I'm basically good at heart 4. Let's just say I've been known to swing swords

Q5. If someone told me I'd have a baby when it seemed highly unlikely, I'd: 1. Laugh
2. Accept it without a second thought

Q6. If my man annoyed me, I'd: 1. Chop off his magic hair to weaken and demoralize him
2. Chop off his head 3. Slither up to him in a slinky gown and try to get my way
4. Annoy me? I worship the ground he walks on!

Q7. People sometimes complain that I'm: 1. A pushover 2. Too pushy 3. Somewhere in the middle

Q8. To land Mr. Right, I'd be willing to: 1. Submit to an intensive year-long spa regimen
2. Sneak into his house at night and lie at his feet 3. Have a baby in a barn
4. Break some Commandments

Q9. When things aren't going my way, I: 1. Grin and bear it 2. Complain
3. Get angry and get active 4. Arrange for my enemies' heads to be brought to me on a platter

Q10. I'd describe my spiritual personality as: 1. Trusting and reflective
2. Engaged and dynamic 3. Passionate and dedicated/devoted
4. Does a spiritual personality come with a tiara?

If you want to take this test just click here.