1031 Exchange Alliance

My hubby's brother has received a will from their parents which was the business land his father owned it when he was still alive. The land is not in use but they always clean it up because the city will going to get that land from them. Hubby said if the land is not use and their is a house in it the government or the city can condemn. So thats why my brother-in-law and his wife always clean it and told me that they are going to fix the store house and plan to open a new business in there. I agree their opinion about it but i am concern of the land because its already a long time since they did not do anything. So, i tried to find some answers of my questions and confusion about all of this and find the answers here in 1031exchangealliance.com in which they clarify what really this things are. 1031 exchange properties are those properties that you own and sell. According to them the considered 1031 exchange properties are the property used in taxpayers trade or business, property held primarily for sale to customers, property which is used as your principal residence, property held for investment, and of course a property used as a vacation home. This is amazing discovery i have wow i learned a lot about them. So my friends if you want to know more about this things, try to visit them and ask for more information.