Hugs and Hold

"I want a hug-and-hold," said a little boy to his father. "A hug-and-hold?" his daddy asks. "What is a hug-and-hold?" I want a hug-and-hold, the boy says. His daddy shrugs his shoulders. "A hug-and-hold?" "Yes! Yes! I can show you!" The boy gives his daddy a big hug. The boy holds his daddy very tight. "So that is a hug-and-hold! his daddy says.

Does this a little story nice? Yes it is in my own understanding. My husband told me that when he was a little boy their family doesn't hug and hold each other. His friend invited him to their house and play. So my husband went to their house and played each other. Its exact time that the father of his friend leave the house going to work. They kiss and hug each other before living and my husband quite impress because their family does not do what they did. When he came home he hug and kiss his parents and say i love you mom and dad. His parents are surprise because thats the first time that they do that. After he kiss and hug them left and smile. The interesting happened was after what my husband did to his parents it seems they already kiss and hug to each other and they feel happy.

How many times did you do that to your children? I cant remembered my parents did hug and hold me since i am already big. Are we suppose do that to let our kids know that we share your love to them? I bit you they are happy.