Online Business & Marketing Foundation Degrees

When i first came here in America i really thought of studying online so that i can help my hubby managing our own small business. I searched a lot of colleges and universities if they offered online study and i saw some but i am concern if it is really good school. I continued my search and found this that you can study online with their resources. I decided to take the Online Management Courses that really fit what i am looking for and wanting to become an effective manager. This is a great school and i like what they offer. This is unique because you just studying from your home not going to a school in which i can't do because i have a son to take care of. Kaplan is the open learning university where you can study from home to gain a foundation degree in Business & Management, Marketing and Sales, Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing. Wow this is amazing i can now study online especially like me that is a home mom. So guys if interested why not check them out and ask for more information.