Real Estate & Bankruptcy Law

Last year we almost declare bankruptcy because we are late in paying our bills. One of our friends said that we can go see somebody who can help us for our problem but hubby was working and i don't know anybody who can help us. I know its not only us struggling from financial trouble but a lot of people. I search in the internet and found this that will help people who are in the edge of bankruptcy. Oh this is great site, this one talks about the bankruptcy law in New York in which Richard S. Feinsilver, ESQ is one of the lawyer that will help you stop adverse creditor actions. According to Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition, creditors are prohibited from taking any further action against you even though your bank account has been frozen. So guys do not look anywhere check this out and i know your troubles will be solved by their help. For more information visit them today, see you there.