Giving Gifts

I rooming around blogs to blogs and i saw a lot of giveaways all over. Some giving away money, things, EC points and many more. This is a good idea to gain traffic since a lot of bloggers need it just like me. Sometimes i cannot drop or visit friends blog because my laptop sort like if you go a lot of blogs it will crash. I am really thankful to all who visit here everyday. I will visit you too friends don't worry. Some also bloggers join the meme that is either everyday or once a week meme. I join some but sometimes i fail to post my entry of course because not all the time you have vacant time. I am a stay home mom and you know a mom of two years old very busy for attending your kids needs. Sometimes i am angry of myself not doing things for my family just for the sake of visiting someones blog. So i want to do the fairness of visiting and accommodating my son and blogging world.