How Do You Flirt?

When i was in college my hair was the biggest asset that i have. People love my hair especially men. One time a teacher came to me and whisper in my ears and said "what shampoo did you used? Why your hair always shinny and beautiful?" I just smiled and said a regular shampoo and comb it every night before i went to bed. They are shock because it really shine and very dark. One of my admirers told me that every time he look at me my hair likes to tell come close to me...Hahah it was silly but i am lucky my hair was that way. Nowadays Extreme Style by VO5 is the modern hair style of men and women. With this you can have a Victory Hair in which it can use for flirting and win a hearts of someone. Just like i did hubby told me that my hair is attractive. Some sort of flirting is smile with a gesture of winning someone's attention, a tap of someone's shoulder and say you are cute. There are many ways for flirting. If you want to try your ability of flirting why not play this Ultimate Flirting Championship and see if your flirting skills will work. Come don't waste your time for more details just click the widget below.

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