The DotComDud Thanksgiving Contest is now open for entry. This time there are cash and prizes up for grabs, so enter quick for your chance to win! I’ve called this contest the DotComDud Thanksgiving Contest as it’s that time of the year (in the US) and this contest is also my way of giving thanks to all of my readers.


Here is a list of the prizes being given away and who they were provided by…


3 x $25 from

Blog Design Package

A free template from

A free icon set from

A logo from LogoAngel

Ad Space Package

1 month 125×125 ad @ Better Interpersonal Communication

1 month 125×125 ad @ Free Famous Quotes

1 month 125×125 ad @ Gift Reviews

1 month 125×125 ad @

Entrecard Credits Package

1,000 credits from Idiot Box

1,000 credits from Random Detoxification

1,000 credits from

Thanks to all the sponsors of this contest. If you are a reader then make sure to check them out, as they are supporting the site and helping me give more back to my readers, so help me support them too!


The prizes are split into 3 packs. If you win, you will get $25 cash and a choice of one of the prize packages! First place will naturally get first choice, then second place can pick from the remaining packs (as well as getting $25) and finally third place will get the remaining prize pack and $25.

Note: To receive the cash, you will need a PayPal account.


The contest is open for entries right now and entries close on the 10th of December, 2008! The winners will be announced the next day.


Entry into the contest is easy. To be eligible to win, you must subscribe to via email. This will autoamtically get you an entry into the contest. Just click on this link or use the form at the bottom of this post to subscribe! All existing email subscribers are automatically entered as well.

It’s as simple as that, no blogging or links are required but if you would like to make a post about the contest on your own blog, go for it! Good luck to everyone who enters!