My 8 Ramdom Facts About me


My 8 Random facts:
1. I will start with my college also... i am a working student in college for 8 solid years but did not finished because i got married and after processing my visa I flew here in America.
2. I love to play my guitar and love to sing too even though my voice is not perfect hahhah....
3. I am a collector of spoons and little glasses in different states ( wherever i go i collect 1 spoon for every state ) so far i already collected more than 10 states already.
4. I love eating rice and i can't live without it.
5. I love to do some art works and crafts...
6. I become a queen of the night in our town where I came from...
7. I experienced working as an assistant dean and few year i experienced being a dean of college students.
8. I got the same month of my birthday, wedding, arrival here in USA, mom's birthday, and many more....

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