10 Money Mistakes Women Make ...And How To Avoid Them

This is a wonderful tips that you should also learn. I have some mistakes too that when I read this article I am amaze it was wrong what I did. Spending too much is not good specially this kind of economy we are facing.

1. You fail to honor your gut feelings.
2. You fund your child’s college savings before your own retirement fund.
3. You name your children as beneficiaries on your life insurance policy even though they’re minors.
4. You believe a will is enough.
5. You buy the wrong kind of life insurance.
6. You fail to keep beneficiaries on your accounts or your husband’s accounts up to date.
7. You leave the family finances to your husband.
8. You believe a prenuptial agreement only protects him.
9. You discount yourself.
10. You can’t seem to say “no.” (is it true?)