Christmas Celebration

This week since Saturday we have a full or shall we say over meal. We attend many parties and I cannot believe we did it. Last Saturday we have a Christmas party in our church. We went to the house of one of the church members. I really enjoyed the party especially the changing gift part. Imagine the rules of the changing gift was the host asked you to pick one number in the cup. If she called your number you need to choose your gift under the Christmas tree. Then, you opened it in front of the audience so that they will know what was inside your gift. She will called another number and same also that person will opened the gift but before that he/she can decide whether she will keep it or she will get the gift of the first person that already have the gift. It was really fun style of exchanging gifts. There was one lady she chooses three times of gifts because three times also somebody wants her gift. We all have fun and the most fun of all was the food that was served. Here are some of the pictures.