I Won! I Won! I Won!

Oh my I am very happy today because I won 4rth place in Nita's Random Thoughts in her 6th Wedding Anniversary Blog Contest. I did not expect to win and now I won the fourth prize. Look at the random.org results. Thanks Nita for the wonderful contest. Hope to join again next time. To all winners congratulations.

4th Prize:
$5.00 cash and 500 EC credits from Yennygirl.com
1000 EC credits from Kikay Site
700 EC credits from Rumination
500 EC credits from The Pinay Blogger
500 EC credits from MommaWannabe
500 EC credits from 24patrol
125x125 ad spot for 1 month from Chica & Pumuckl
125x125 ad spot for 1 month at Simply Jen
1 text link for 1 month on Dota Hero Guide
Symphony of Love Pictorial Ebook of Love Quotations {values at $6.95} from Symphony of Love