Share Your Love By helping Others In Need

Everyday there are many people who needs help. They are people who needs you and me to help them specially this holidays. Last two weeks our school was received a Christmas gift from a group of people who love to share their blessings. The money was used to buy school supplies for the students in that school. Is that an awesome thing to do? I have even a project this New Year to feed the hungry families in our place. Anyway, I am impress when I saw the Sears Heroes at Home program. This program is to help the families of the soldiers who are in the battle field. You can make a difference in someone's life by giving a donations. Share your blessings to them this holiday season. Join the Sears team to fulfill the wish of military heroes and their families. The donations are not tax deductible but this is going to a good cause. Did you remember the saying it is better to give than to receive? This is really through and also remember the more you give the more you receive. So guys give your donations today and make someone's wish become true. Happy holidays to all.