Mexican Breakfast

The other day hubby fixed a Mexican breakfast for us. I always admire him when we talk about cooking because he is good at it. i feel like a princess who offered a flower from the prince heheh dreaming(wink). we enjoyed our breakfast and I am surprised my son ate almost the whole big tortilla. I ate only one since it was a big piece of tortilla plus all the stuff that you can see in the picture was on that tortilla. Hubby is a big Mexican eater and he love it since he was there last 2004. He was with his co members in there church doing a missionary works. He was surprised when he first ate the Mexican food that was very hot. Their food was known to be hot and spicy. Since then hubby love it and we have an agreement if we eat out lunch time its my choice (Chinese food) and in the supper time it is his choice and that is a Mexican food. So try to look at the picture it is a good thing I married a good cook.