Wants To Win Using Your Cellphone?

Since I was young i always wanted to win something. I join some sweepstakes but I do not have the luck to win anything. I tried the scratch cards and if you can scratch the same object or words you win something but it doeskin work I just blow my money away. I heard last week that a Filipino guy won a 6.6 million sweepstakes just by joining the readers digest sweepstakes. They said that the guy was never won anything before so when he won that 6.6 million oh boy he almost collapse...I know what it feels when you have that kind of money specially this time that the economy is not good. Anyway, I found this smsnia.com very interesting and I am amaze what is their style so that you can win something. If you have a cellphone then this is a chance for a lifetime because by sending text it might be you are the next winner. Imagine this is a kind of sweepstakes using cellphone text messages. I might try this and Win iPhone in a blinking of an eye. There are no limitations of how many text messages you send you can play it again and again. If you have a website then you can make money by putting a banner and promote different sweepstakes. If somebody who click the banner will play you can make also 30% of commission. Oh boy this are a good sweepstakes i know and one more thing besides winning that iPhone you can win a mini notebook, Nintendo Wii, a celphone and many more. So go ahead and check this out. You might be the next lucky winner.