Toronto Lawyers: Bob/Rob Tanner

A friend of mine was upset one time because a company sent her a letter that she owe a money from them. She was angry because she doesn't know the debt exist. She wants to fight about this problem because the company was not sending her a letter before the debt due. Her hubby was upset too because her credit score was ruin by that company. They want to sue the company and need a lawyer for them. After few months later the problem was resolved and close the case. If you need any assistant of a lawyer you might check Tanner Guiney because they are offering a services that you might need to solve a problem. You can contact them at this address and tel. number:
Toronto Office
130 Adelaide Street West, Suite 3425
P.O.Box 34
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 3P5
(416) 862-7745 (Phone)
(416) 862-7874 (Fax)