Inspirational Quotes For The day

“The godly are directed by their honesty.” ~ Proverbs 11:5 NLT

From the time w are children, we are taught that honesty is the best policy, but sometimes, being honest is hard. So, we convince ourselves that it is alright to tell “Little white lies.” But there’s a problem: Little white lies tend to grow up, and when they do, they cause havoc and pain in our lives.

For Christians, the issue of honesty is not a topic for debate. Honesty is not just the best policy, it is God’s policy, pure and simple. And if we are to be servants worthy of our Savior, Jesus Chris, we must avoid all lies, white or otherwise. So, if you’re tempted to ow the seeds of deception (perhaps in the form of a “harmless” white lie), resist that temptation. Truth is God’s way, and a lie of whatever color is not.