Life After Death

Do you believe the life after death? I know somebody in our church that died for few hours then became alive before 24 hours of no pulse. There are some people doesn't believe that someone will be alive after they are dead. He was a layman in our neighbor church when i was in the Philippines. The guy was sick very badly that his wife brought him in the hospital. The wife have a faith that really can move mountain. She decided to pray with her family and friends. She even request a chain of prayers and even the whole district which was involved more than 30 churches prayer for him. After few hours the doctor told the family that he was dead. You know what happened the wife said that he just sleeping and he will back soon. She prayed with all her heart that God will let him live. You know what happened? The doctor told them they will going to embalm the body after 24 hours. But miracle happened he was alive before 24 hours of being dead. Now he always tell people of Gods miracle that happened to him many years ago. He is still a layman who preaches Gods word to all people who needs it. Do you believe in miracles?