Prenatal Vitamin

I remembered when i was pregnant of my son that i need a vitamin and the doctor prescribed so that i will be a healthy pregnant woman. The doctor was worried of my lack of iron since i always throwing up and dizzy. He even worried of my weight that everyday it goes down. He said i need to eat healthy food and take the vitamins everyday. After five months i gain weight and the doctor was happy. I know there are many women who are pregnant that took a prenatal vitamin to gain the strength they need. If you are pregnant you need also to exercise and eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Do you know that one of my cousins son is genius? When he was ten years old his IQ was a college students IQ. When my cousin got sick he instructed his son what to do and he was the one teach the kids in the school. Can you imagine that? What is her secret? Well, she told me fruits, vegetables and took some vitamins. Can you believe that? Anyway, check this link out for more information.