My Thoughts on Becoming a Teacher

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

As I set my home security alarm I found on this morning before heading off to volunteer at my girls school something dawned on me. Maybe I should become a teacher. I am great with the children in the classroom, I help them read, write, do puzzles and count to ten. It is not necessarily a hard job, sometimes it can be complicated, but what job inst? I know I could not teach the same grade or class as my daughter because it would only lead to a disaster later on down the line. But I could teach other things, maybe even an art class. Just being around children makes me feel complete and wanted. Now that my husband and I have split up I need to get rid of all this spare time on my hands. There is no better way to do it then spending the time doing something I love right? Next week I am going to look into college classes to see the requirement for becoming a teacher. Whatever it is I will do, I need this job horribly and I will have it! With a little time and effort I will be teaching in front of a class in no-time!