And They're Off! To School That is!

Guest post written by Kevin Beach

A few days before school starts again I have the kids start to go to bed at an earlier time to get them used to waking up early again. They wear uniforms so I have them lay out their uniforms the night before. I ask them what they want for breakfast their first day back, so they go back happy and ready to learn. I try and have lunch with them on their day back, because it is a long time to be away after two weeks. I have to go back to work, so the house gets clean on the day before. I always make sure that I set my home security alarm (home security systems) before I do leave for work. I like to also prepare a nice meal for them after their day back and talk about their first day back. With knowing that they have had good food in their bellies, I feel that they have a better chance of easing back into the swing of things. I like to end the day with a new book that they bring home from the library on their first day back. This usually ends the day on a good note. I love having the kids home, but it is nice to have the normal pace again when they go back to school after the Winter Break.