Party Goers

I make sure to have a quality time with my friends during Saturday nights. It's the best time to go out and have fun. Bar hopping is on our priority list especially the popular celebrity night clubs in town. Bars and clubs are open during late nights. One of my friends has his own bar so we already have our VIP pass there every Saturday night. The bar has a very good management so nothing to worry about the crowd control.

I remember it's opening night, my friend hired rock bands to play all night long to keep the people coming but we didn't expect too much teenagers coming. The stanchions in the entrance got destroyed by wild teenagers and the velvet rope was missing. Since then, he makes sure to put barricades in front of his bar and guests should avail non-transferable wristbands to be easily identified by the staffs.

The bar is now on it's second year and I am looking forward to attend it's second anniversary. It's been a while since we go bar hopping because we used to have family dinners or picnics every weekend. It turned out well because even our kids are now getting along with each other.