Business Perks

If you are an employee, you would want to work for a company that gives the best perks, right? Perks are those additional privileges that one gets on top of his salary, social security benefits, and overtime pay. The more perks the better. Some of these perks are really needs—like medical and dental insurance, home loans, emergency loans, or grocery subsidies. But depending on the kind of company you are working for, there are those that give their employees spa treats, free overnight stays in hotels, or regular company outings. There are also those that have business credit cards that their employees can enjoy.

These companies are not only concerned with profit but also with the welfare of their workers. They understand that in order for people to become productive at work, they should also be given ample time to relax as well given rewards for their good labor. Not too many management groups acknowledge this fact and while others do, they just simply cannot afford it. It is just too bad that the world is facing a global economic turmoil that the question is no longer if you have a well-paying job but that if you have a job at all. It is kind of pathetic, but such is the world we are living in today.