Bring Your Blogs to Another Level

Many bloggers who are starting with their blogs use those free web-based platforms. They fill it up until someone suggests that they get a domain for their blogs. After they buy a domain, they would link up their domain name with free hosting sites like blogger. At least they already have their own blogger identity with their domain name.

Eventually, they would meet somebody who is selling hosting packages in retail forms but the service is good so they decide to get their blogs hosted. That is fine but if you are a blogger with more than five blogs already, maybe it is time for you to get an unlimited hosting from an online source like iPage. While you think that the retail hosting is cheap, when you compute it, that will get too big if you have already have 10 blogs and you buy individual hosting for each, even if it is just $20 per year per blog. For 10 blogs, that is already $200.

But if you buy your own hosting, that means unlimited everything for you and you can host all your blogs there. Your bandwidth is unlimited and you can add more blogs and add more contents without fear of getting stopped. And you don’t have to add more money. Just make sure that you buy your hosting package from a reliable source.