Totally NOT Invincible!

This guest post from Werner Rogers

When my daughter was young, she thought she was invincible. She once jumped off of our roof because she was convinced she could fly and we ended up in the emergency room with some stitches and a broken leg. That was fun. When she got a bit older and reached the age of 12 something shifted, and now she’s terrified to stay at home alone. I don’t know what’s gotten into her but she’s insisted we take a look at and help her install a deadbolt on her door! It’s fine for her to have a healthy sense of self-security but I don’t really like how paranoid she’s gotten. My husband thinks it has something to do with all the news reports about the break ins in the area but I’m not so sure. I’ve been talking to other moms and none of their kids seem to be going through this phase so I honestly don’t really know what’s gotten into her! She’s a smart girl, so she’ll get over it eventually.