Salt Lake valley

Thanks to Roman May

I try to catch up with my cousin, Claire, at least once a week since I’ve moved. I have been begging her to come for a visit, but she is afraid to fly. Claire avoids flying at all costs. She would rather drive fourteen hours in a day than get on a plane. She told me that she just upgraded her cable package at She insisted that she had seen travel shows on television about Salt Lake Valleyand knew what the Rockies looked like. Just seeing the area on television doesn’t compare to the actual experience of seeing the area in person. When you drive into the valley the surroundings are jagged mountains. They are much taller than anything you would ever see on the east coast. I have tried to explain to Claire the awesomeness of the area. For example, the other day I caught myself in the Wal-Mart parking lot staring at the mountains and being in amazement that I was in a Wal-Mart parking lot seeing these natural wonders. Eventually, I hope that she will come visit, because just seeing the area on television cannot compare.