DIY Business Ideas for Moms at Home

Oftentimes, mothers want to stay home and be with their kids. They want to be with them so they are properly guided and well taken care of. But there are instances where Mom does not want to rely on Dad’s income and make money for herself even in her own home. Here are some ideas that can help her decide some DIY business.

1) Work from home using your computer

Internet marketing is indeed a lucrative business. You only need a computer and good Internet connection to work on it. If interested, you can be a transcriptionist, virtual assistant, or a writer. You can basically do computer work at the most convenient time in your home.

2) Become a salesperson and offer products

You can have yourself join a networking business and do telemarketing from your home. You can find your own clients or customers, who may be interested in your products, or want to be your down line in this business.

Or you may want to do some little shopping for items that might be interesting to your friends. You can sell food items, fashionable clothes and accessories, or jewelries.

3) Open a craft home business

Moms with creative skills can open a craft home business. She can have herself engaged in making fashion accessories, scented candles, soaps, or fabric flowers business. Usually these items can be sold in selected stores like online sites. Take for instance, a fabric flower DIY business. She can make fabric flowers from tutorials found in the Web. Fabric flowers make excellent substitutes to real flowers, which can be used for floral arrangements, hair accessories, or bedroom fixtures. This will surely be a smash once given time and attention.

All these will also require marketing strategies to promote your products to possible buyers.

4) Operate a day care center

If there is a large space in your house, you can open a day care center. This will allow you to master your skills in taking care of kids that are not yours. If you are interested, you can ask your local town or city for specific requirements in opening this business. Certainly, you will be required for licensing and inspection, and there will also be criminal background checks. Specific rules will also be implemented, which will need special skills from people handling and caring for the children.

These are few suggestions you can try when you want a DIY business. This may be taken seriously, especially when you want to earn and improve your life.

About the Author: Eliza Mariano is the owner of, a fabric flowers tutorial website that caters beauteous handmade flowers for DIY moms at home. Check her on facebook to learn more!