Big Family Issues

Content by Mauricio Benson

Being part of a big family is the most fun during holidays when you can really feel the love. My family in particular is kind of crazy which sounds like a lot of fun until you realize that means at any given moment there are like 30 people in the house you’re in. That’s a lot of testosterone and a lot of estrogen and my family is Italian which means conversations get heated. I love being an only child but it doesn’t mean much when I’ve got so many cousins anyway! We went to last year before Turkey Day to get some channels for football so we wouldn’t have to listen to my grandpa complain again. Year after year he’s always griping about not being able to see his game – whatever it is it’s not on one of the cable channels! My aunts usually end up just sitting in the kitchen and it becomes a boys and girls party – that’s when I like it most though because it’s quieter and there are less arguments.