Basketball is Back

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

The NBA lockout is over and I couldn’t be happier! I was beginning to wonder if I would get to see my Celtics play this season. I am a lifelong fan but, in anticipation of the lockout and possibly shortened season did not buy season tickets this year. I will miss setting my home alarm system massachusetts and heading to games several nights a week but am hoping my friends with tickets will allow me to tag along occasionally. Of course, I can always watch them at home on my new big screen television from the comfort of my own couch. I used my season ticket money to buy a 70” HDTV on Black Friday so watching the games at home on my larger than life hi-def monstrosity will be almost as good as being there. Better if you consider how much money I’ll save by eating the snacks in my kitchen instead of shelling out the big bucks for snacks at the arena!