Selling Online and Offline

Imagine yourself managing a small time business. What would it be? I guess selling food is the best way to earn money since everybody loves to eat. Try visiting trade show near you so you can get ideas on what to sell, what trade show carpet or logo mats is best for your chosen food and stall. Make your own pie, cookies and other sweets recipe and sell them. You can open a physical store or a virtual shop if you can't afford to rent a space.

Visiting trade shows will open lots of opportunity to you. You can have ideas on what to sell and get a chance to know how to make it by simply watching the stall owner. They can also tell you how much would be the starting price in getting a stall and where to get cheap trade show flooring.

One advantage of a virtual shop is that you don't have to pay for your stall and you just have to advertise it through friends. But they can only see the foods you sell through pictures so I suggest you use high quality cameras. Looks can be very deceiving because a customer complained about this online shop for having beautiful photos of cake and when they received the cake, it looks like they don't give any effort on it. A total waste if you can see it. Everything has it's own advantage and disadvantages so decide on what you think is best for you.