My Dad

Content by Kyle Lowe

My dad doesn’t seem to think it’s important that mom wants home security Scranton. I think it’s crucial that she feel safe at home because he’s always off working for long hours at a time and now that she’s retired she’s home a lot more often. I’m actually going to order for mom next week but I wish dad would do it – I think that’s his job as the provider for their family and I don’t know where he gets off just totally shirking his responsibilities and making it mom’s problem that she doesn’t feel safe at home. Apparently three of their neighbors have been burglarized in the last 6 months which would give me the willies, too, if I were mom! I just don’t understand why my dad doesn’t seem to get that there are some things more important that working and drinking beer with his buddies but you know, he’s been that way ever since I was a little girl so I guess it would be ridiculous to expect him to change now, you know?