Giving my bird friends a place to rest their heads

Guest post written by Cathy White

I'm not sure why but it seems like the trees around my house are bird central. But we're clearing away some of the land and I worry about them losing their homes. So I thought that I should at least put up a few birdhouses around for them since we might be taking away their homes. I don't want to lose their company and chirping just because we're losing some trees on our property.

I looked around online to see what I could find about building a birdhouse and I randomly saw some info on debt settlement family. I will follow up on it, because I need to get my credit card debt under control, and I’ve been thinking about trying to settle. I also looked up quite a bit about what you can do with a birdhouse to make it more attractive to birds and applied that to the ones that I made.

I went ahead and put them up around our property. We won't be clearing most of the trees until the fall anyway, but I wanted to give them time to move and get all settled into the birdhouses. I hope that the birds like them! None have move in from what I can tell yet, but I only put them up a few days ago.