The Singles’ Scene

It can be quite a predictable scene, single men hanging out with their single male friends over some drinks and bemoaning their lack of a date on a Friday night. On the other side, the single women keep retelling their lost loves and well, lack of a weekend date while they gorge on ice cream and chocolates after watching romantic DVDs. The whole scene can be quite negative. It is as if it is a hopeless state – there is no one to go out with and that is it. However, while there are things that are beyond our control, there are also things we can do and do differently.

For instance, instead of splurging on drinks, single men can go out for a game of sports. Women can also go out with their other female friends and just enjoy the evening out. Both single men and women can also go out on weekends and visit their parents, their married siblings or even their single siblings. They can also do some volunteer work at their community. So many things can be done other than just bemoaning singlehood. And for a change, they can explore an online dating website. Cool friendships and dates can happen through such a site. The single’s scene can be as different as we want it to be.