Ideas for Better Research Papers

At some point in our lives, especially when we were in high school and college, we were tasked to make or create a school research paper. It was easier in high school as the requirements were simpler compared to the research paper we were tasked to do in college. Of course, that is quite understandable. College life is much complicated in so many aspects compared to that of high school. High school was more of the learning to stand phase, while college was the time where we prove to every one, especially the adults in our lives, that we are able to do anything we are tasked to do.

When I was in college, I found it really difficult to look for ideas for our research papers. We have to brainstorm so many times with my group so that we could come up with a good topic. After the brainstorming for the topic, we would painstakingly look for similar studies at the library and find more and more materials to add for our paper. Unfortunately, it will take more time and more trial and error to make the paper a good material to submit.

Students nowadays have the opportunity to look into materials and samples in less time compared to what we had back then. With samples from and all other websites with research samples it is easier because with just a click of the mouse and some searches, one can be able to find as easily, what he or she is looking for. Some teachers also use the said websites for their school work and assignments for the students. Well, these days, anything is easy to find online. How I wish more and more people will get accustomed to using technology to their advantage, without ever becoming lazy as to depend on the information, rather than using information and resources online to curtail growth in learning and education.