Operation Smile and Books

I have read about Operation Smile and how it helps children smile by operating on their cleft palate. It truly is a miracle for the operation brings about changes in children, not only physically, but also adds advantage to their psychological make up as it brings about a certain feeling of positivity for the beneficiaries. It is indeed a great advantage, and when we have a chance to help in this said endeavor, wouldn't it be a great move? College students can help with Operation Smile by getting books through Campus Book Rentals. One can choose from the very many lists of books like that of martial arts or arts and crafts, or the usual text books used in the classroom. So instead of shelling money from one's own pocket, by simply saving on books, one may go ahead and take part in a great movement to make many other people happy.

The other advantage for this cause come in various ways like getting a savings of 40-90% off for every book rented, plus free shipping both ways, getting the books, and sending them back upon return. Best of all, the students can highlight in the textbooks, as it is allowed. The days to use the books also come with flexible renting periods. And of course, the fact that with the operation, college students donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented. The more books rented, the more chances of extending help. If we can all tell the college students we kn ow, we could really help immensely in the project.
How does it work?: