Eat Your Flowers

As you look out at the beautiful varieties in your rich and flowery garden, do you ever wonder if your lovely flowers might also be edible? Could it be possible that the physical beauty that you see on the outside of a flower taste good too? Although initially it may sound strange to eat a flower, many cultures throughout the world would attest that it is absolutely possible and quite delicious to do. In fact, many cultures use some sort of a flower in a meal nearly every day. From ancient Chinese cultures to modern Indian food, the flower has been a common choice to use in cooking for generations.

Common Ways To Use A Flower In A Meal

As you learn more about flower use in your food, you may be surprised as you realize that you have likely tasted one or more without even realizing that you did. Some varieties are used to add a spicy floral flavor while others are used more to enhance the enticing fragrance of a meal. No matter how it is used, a flower can completely change the taste, appearance, and aroma of a meal that might otherwise seem plain or ordinary.

Although there are many other methods, here are some of the most common methods for cooking with a flower:

*Adding flower petals to a salad or to tea

*Making floral syrup to be used in drinks like lemonade and cocktails

*Mixing flower petals into ice cream

*Making flower ersatz capers with various petal pickling strategies

How To Safely Eat A Flower

It is important to note that just because one flower is edible, it does not mean that every flower you run across will be safe to eat. In fact, certain species are actually quite dangerous. In some instances, the smallest taste may prove absolutely disastrous. To help you avoid eating a poisonous, or otherwise unsafe, flower, remember these important tips:

*Before tasting a flower, make sure that you know for certain that it is completely safe.

*To avoid accidentally consuming harmful chemicals and pesticides, be careful about eating a flower that you did not grow on your own. Another choice is to purchase specifically labeled edible varieties.

*Do not eat any plants that were grown on the side of the road. They may be contaminated with dangerous pollutants like car exhaust.

*Most of the time, a flower is not to be consumed in its entirety. Unless you are certain otherwise, consume only the petals of your edible flower.

*To help you avoid certain allergic reactions, do not consume large quantities of flower petals at one time. Instead, introduce flower petals into your diet slowly and over a period of time.

*In order to preserve the freshness of a flower, keep it refrigerated and contained.

How To Give An Edible Flower As A Gift

If you want to give an enjoyable and unique gift to someone you care about, it might be fun to give an edible flower.  This can easily be done through an online floral gift delivery service. You may even want to try making a meal for them, using your own edible flower.

Disclosure: Article courtesy of Pro Flowers