How's Your Christmas Preparations Doing?

In New Zealand, it is already Christmas. In the Philippines, and other parts of Asia, it will be Christmas eve tonight, their time, of course. And I am pretty sure every one is excited to open their Christmas presents, however they may be wrapped, or whatever material may be used to wrap them. Point of the matter is, givers gave and receivers received. But some techie people would rather unbox codes and plugins to use, as well as discount codes to shop for domains or to pay for hosting. I am sure many online workers love added discount codes for gifts because they come handy when one makes a purchase in an online shop. Some people I know would love to have Xenforo Plugins for free, as well as other kinds of plugins. It is the same thing really. We give gifts and they come wrapped, people are happy. When people receive items they do not need to pay for, it's still counted as gifts.

On the other hand, some people go the traditional way of cooking or baking, and wrapping them in really gorgeous wrappings then giving them personally to the recipient. While others would print their own designed postcards or Christmas cards, and send them off with love, at the post office. Others would go a long way as crocheting a jacket or sweater ready for the winter and socks to match. While others buy dogs or cats and give them out as presents. A friend's kids rescue dogs and puppies from the pound by adopting them, and that is another way to give gifts.

Perhaps the most dramatic and most sincere preparations for Christmas gift giving was that from another friend's nephew, who saved his allowances, and bought his parents cruise tickets, right on time for Christmas.. How's yours doing?